Snowember ( is the first snow theme month in Rovaniemi to be organized in November 2020. It is a series of already existing winter sports and sports events built in the area that are based on regional needs. The aim is to achieve continuity so that Snowember will be held not only in the fall of 2020, but also in the future annually. Due to the Covid19-pandemic, all Snowember-related events are organized taking safety, security and health as guiding principles, and in collaboration with the responsible authorities. Snowember’s motto is: keep a ski’s distance away from people. This helps social distancing for tackling the virus.

Contact person of Snowember is Mr. Niko Niemisalo. His contact details are available below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in contact.

Tel. +358401834440, E-mail: niko.niemisalo(a)