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Lapland University Sports and co-operators arrange a sport week when you can try different sport activities in Rovaniemi with only one euro! This event will be from 14th of Sep to 20th of Sep 2020.

YOGA course

Yoga in English

Shakta Joogakoulu starts classes in English this autumn with a basic course on Thursdays 17.9.2020 and 24.9.2020 from 16:15 to 17:30, at Shakta Joogakoulu, Kansankatu 3 A 9, Rovaniemi.

Lapland university sport services

ALL University sport services will be suspended as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We will notify you as soon as possible of a reactivation. Partner locations follow their guidelines. We apologize for the situation. Securing Health is most important now.