With sport pass you can use Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio area sport activities, so you can do sports in all cities with one pass.

Sport pass includes groupsport calendar, ballgames and gym everyday!Sport pass offers different types of physical activities over 50 hours per week.
Sport pass is valid 35 week and costs 42 euros academic year (30€ half year) so It costs only 1 euro per week!

Examples; Swimming with sport pass is 2 euros and without 4,8 euros. Downhill skiing you can get  discount in Ounasvaara ski club and Kemi Kalli ski.
Kunnon Paikka offers gym 1 month club membercard 35€, without sport pass 46€. Also every courses what we organize you get special prices and discounts.

Buy a sport pass and get active!