Learning Café !

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Today I decided to talk to you about the ”Learning Café”.  To begin, let me explain the concept. Last week, we had to form groups and choose together one of the topics proposed to study it. Personally, I was in a group with four other students and we decided to study the ”Zero moment of truth”. Having already all done two full years of marketing, we chose to study this subject because it was the only one we did not know. So it was an opportunity to learn new things. After studying on our own, we had to make an individual summary of everything we had learned. We also had to express our reaction to this subject. The next day, in class, we had to get together to put our ideas together. Each group in the class did the same thing for their respective subject. After a time of preparation, a student of our group had to remain in his place to present to the other students our subject the ”Zero moment of truth”. For my part, I went around the other groups to present their subjects. Of course, all this around a coffee… 

As I did not know anything about ”Zero moment of truth” I had to learn a lot. I was very surprised to see what this concept meant and to see that I was confronted every day.  Indeed, the ”Zero moment of truth” refers to the point in the buying cycle when the consumer researches a product, often before the seller even knows that they exist. The number of consumers researching a product online prior to purchase has been on the rise in recent years as the internet and mobile continue to advance.

Regarding our group work, here is at first a picture of our poster during the presentation of Quentin, a member of my group.

Personally, I really enjoyed learning this way. To begin with, I found it very interesting to study one subject first and then to share with other people who had studied on the same topic. Overall, with the people in my group, we used the same information. However, we all made additional information and we were able to share our respective opinions. In addition, the fact that it is other students who speak to us about their respective subjects, I found it captivating and I had the impression of being in the middle of a conversation between friends rather than a course. 

So, my article about Learning Café is coming to an end.  I hope you have enjoyed and that you could imagine the moment that I spent during the Learning Café.  If you want to know more about the ”Zero moment of truth” I put below some links that seem interesting and informative. 

What Is the Zero Moment of Truth?

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