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Today I would like to present you a famous company in Rovaniemi : Rops.

First of all, let me introduce this company. Rops Rovaniemi is a Finnish football club based at Rovaniemi. He participates in the Veikkausliiga (finland football championship) and plays his home games at Rovaniemen Keskuskenttä. The club won the Finnish Cup in 1986 and 2013. The Finnish Toni Koskela is the coach since November 2017.

Personally, I already went to see a football match of the Rops and I also went in the fan shop located in the city center to see the different derivatives products. I think it’s interesting to tell you about this company, because this football club takes an important place in the city of Rovaniemi. Also, I discovered several interesting marketing aspects that I will talk about here and in my essay.

City of Rovaniemi owns the stadium and there are plans to upgrade the old part of the stadium. However, as it’s owned by the city, the team can’t do much about it. City has plans to start the process in 2020 so the new part of the stadium could open 2-3-4 years later.

The Rops club has the advantage of having various things to promote its marketing. Among them, there are among others: Website design, Logo, colors, Social medias design and activity, Mascot, Shirt, Newsletter, getting to local newspaper, Customer services (FAQ, contact), players interview on Youtube channel, rent office for company meetings… Regarding online marketing, we noticed that the Rops was very present on social networks and on its website.

In the past, Rops was thinking 400 000€ would be the absolute max they could get from sponsors and advertisers but they have reached 500 000€ this season. However, they don’t think they can do much more that with their current products (selling ads in the stadium or in their shirts), something completely new should be invented. They also want to develop the additional sales during the game: sales, drinks etc. They are not selling enough fan products and they want it to change. In general, Petri Rops said that Finnish national football team should do way better and that would get Finns more excited about football in general.

The distribution plan is really simple for the RoPS because they don’t sell tickets or fans’ things in other shops than their own fanshop and the website. You can only buy jerseys, hats, scarfs and tickets in the fanshop and at the entrance of the stadium so the description of the distribution plan isn’t something accurate for this company. We can still mention that the delivery is free when you buy online so you don’t have to go very far to get your new Taye Taiwo’s jersey. We haven’t found unsatisfied customers’ comments on the website and social media so for us there’s no improvement to make for the distribution even if we think that they could try to sell products in other retail stores to boost the number of sold RoPS products and to improve their appearance for the potential new customers. There are more chances for someone to go to a RoPS’ match if this person sees a RoPS jersey in a shop so even if they don’t sell in those other stores, the benefit is going to increase.

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