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Today I would like to present you a famous company in Rovaniemi : Rops.

First of all, let me introduce this company. Rops Rovaniemi is a Finnish football club based at Rovaniemi. He participates in the Veikkausliiga (finland football championship) and plays his home games at Rovaniemen Keskuskenttä. The club won the Finnish Cup in 1986 and 2013. The Finnish Toni Koskela is the coach since November 2017.

Personally, I already went to see a football match of the Rops and I also went in the fan shop located in the city center to see the different derivatives products. I think it’s interesting to tell you about this company, because this football club takes an important place in the city of Rovaniemi. Also, I discovered several interesting marketing aspects that I will talk about here and in my essay.

City of Rovaniemi owns the stadium and there are plans to upgrade the old part of the stadium. However, as it’s owned by the city, the team can’t do much about it. City has plans to start the process in 2020 so the new part of the stadium could open 2-3-4 years later.

The Rops club has the advantage of having various things to promote its marketing. Among them, there are among others: Website design, Logo, colors, Social medias design and activity, Mascot, Shirt, Newsletter, getting to local newspaper, Customer services (FAQ, contact), players interview on Youtube channel, rent office for company meetings… Regarding online marketing, we noticed that the Rops was very present on social networks and on its website.

In the past, Rops was thinking 400 000€ would be the absolute max they could get from sponsors and advertisers but they have reached 500 000€ this season. However, they don’t think they can do much more that with their current products (selling ads in the stadium or in their shirts), something completely new should be invented. They also want to develop the additional sales during the game: sales, drinks etc. They are not selling enough fan products and they want it to change. In general, Petri Rops said that Finnish national football team should do way better and that would get Finns more excited about football in general.

The distribution plan is really simple for the RoPS because they don’t sell tickets or fans’ things in other shops than their own fanshop and the website. You can only buy jerseys, hats, scarfs and tickets in the fanshop and at the entrance of the stadium so the description of the distribution plan isn’t something accurate for this company. We can still mention that the delivery is free when you buy online so you don’t have to go very far to get your new Taye Taiwo’s jersey. We haven’t found unsatisfied customers’ comments on the website and social media so for us there’s no improvement to make for the distribution even if we think that they could try to sell products in other retail stores to boost the number of sold RoPS products and to improve their appearance for the potential new customers. There are more chances for someone to go to a RoPS’ match if this person sees a RoPS jersey in a shop so even if they don’t sell in those other stores, the benefit is going to increase.

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Hello all ! Today, I’m writing this article to introduce you to Lappset.

On September 25, a visitor came to our class to introduce her company, the lappset group. During the presentation, the visitor spoke of several topics.

To begin, I will briefly introduce the company. Lappset is a family business, specializing in playgrounds, outdoor equipment and parks of activity. Products are built in Rovaniemi and the slogan is “we invite mankind outdoors”. The company keeps growing. Currently, the group has three factories, fifty-six dealers and fourteen subsidiaries in nine different countries such as China and Germany for example.

This company has many customers. The Lappset Group works with architects, landscape architects, students, professional buyers, real estate companies, kindergartens, parent councils, local governments and the private sector. The end customers are thus diversified since they are children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

When it comes to marketing in general, Lappset has a website (data warehouse system, marketing automation, collects and stores data), blogs (visitor flow creation – always something new to share), social media (high quality traffic and increased brand awareness), catalogs, newsletters and does not hesitate to organize seminars and webinars. The group does not hesitate to use multichannel marketing, in order to adapt to the wishes of each customer and develop the turnover per customer. For 2018, the company has a mission to be the first choice of customers by creating an optimal customer and user experience.

With regard to KPIs (key performance indicator), Lappset has several objectives including:

  • Increase the number of qualified leads in the automation platform,
  • Increase the number of new contacts sent to the sales team,
  • Increase the number of leads generated by marketing, which will be converted into orders in different countries,
  • More traffic from social media channels and AdWords websites to Lappset.

One of the things that I found very interesting was that the group really knows how to attract visitors to its site. Indeed, the group has optimization tools behind its site, it follows the visitors who leave their email addresses. All of this helps the company to target customers, target sales and rank leads.

Personally, I found it interesting that an outsider could come and tell us about the marketing of her company. From the top of my three years of study, I’m still not sure what I would like to do later, but for the moment the specialization that attracts me the most is Marketing.

To finish with this article, I do not think I learned much about the visitor who seemed a little shy. However, she perfectly presented her business and taught me many things.

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Learning Café !

Hello all,

Today I decided to talk to you about the ”Learning Café”.  To begin, let me explain the concept. Last week, we had to form groups and choose together one of the topics proposed to study it. Personally, I was in a group with four other students and we decided to study the ”Zero moment of truth”. Having already all done two full years of marketing, we chose to study this subject because it was the only one we did not know. So it was an opportunity to learn new things. After studying on our own, we had to make an individual summary of everything we had learned. We also had to express our reaction to this subject. The next day, in class, we had to get together to put our ideas together. Each group in the class did the same thing for their respective subject. After a time of preparation, a student of our group had to remain in his place to present to the other students our subject the ”Zero moment of truth”. For my part, I went around the other groups to present their subjects. Of course, all this around a coffee… 

As I did not know anything about ”Zero moment of truth” I had to learn a lot. I was very surprised to see what this concept meant and to see that I was confronted every day.  Indeed, the ”Zero moment of truth” refers to the point in the buying cycle when the consumer researches a product, often before the seller even knows that they exist. The number of consumers researching a product online prior to purchase has been on the rise in recent years as the internet and mobile continue to advance.

Regarding our group work, here is at first a picture of our poster during the presentation of Quentin, a member of my group.

Personally, I really enjoyed learning this way. To begin with, I found it very interesting to study one subject first and then to share with other people who had studied on the same topic. Overall, with the people in my group, we used the same information. However, we all made additional information and we were able to share our respective opinions. In addition, the fact that it is other students who speak to us about their respective subjects, I found it captivating and I had the impression of being in the middle of a conversation between friends rather than a course. 

So, my article about Learning Café is coming to an end.  I hope you have enjoyed and that you could imagine the moment that I spent during the Learning Café.  If you want to know more about the ”Zero moment of truth” I put below some links that seem interesting and informative. 

What Is the Zero Moment of Truth?

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