Days in nature

By Hanna Saukko – 3 March 2021

I love nature.

That is the reason why I tried experiencing the service from Taiga Lullaby. Being impressed from the company’s name, I would say I even love the way they operate their business and care to their customer, really professional and dedicated.

I bought a package 3 days and 2 nights, and these days were the most memorable days for me and my friends. We floated in a completely silence river. We meditated in the middle of beautiful forest. We experienced yoga and herbal bath at the same day. We had BBQ party and enjoyed every single moment together. Above all, we felt being healed and being alive when we in nature and arounded by our friends!

Thanks Taiga Lullaby for this special experience. We definitely will come back one day!

Hanna and friends


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