Relax and unwind your busy mind when floating in the silent river. Enjoy the beautiful Lappish nature and get inspired by a meditation session from your professional instructor! Our prepared gear will keep your body warm and insulated from the water. Imagining how thrilling and unique this experience is! As you step into the water you can let yourself go with the stream and wonder at the frozen trees and ice around you. During the activity, you will float the distance twice and enjoy hot drinks after the experience. It would be memorable if you experience with friends or family.

Price:  €90/ person (Maximum 8 people per package)

Which includes:

  • Gear
  • Meditative floating
  • Debriefing around the campfire
  • Hot drink

Beverages, alcoholic drinks, campfire lunches/dinners, forest sauna, or herbal baths are also available according to your wish. 

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Enjoy the Taiga Lullaby.

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