Sauna & Herbal bath

A wood-heated sauna by the lake with a massive 750kg stove is always Finn’s dream. Now whatever nationality you are, do you want to experience an authentic Finnish sauna like this?





Finnish sauna has many health benefits and helps you to relax. You will be able to enjoy a traditional sauna in a stress-free environment and all the necessities as soaps and towels are included in the price.

Plus, herbal bath will definitely make you feel at ease immediately. Soaking yourself in the gentle water and the fragrant smells, how relaxing it is!







Price:  65€ per person


                • Towels
                • Shampoo
                • Soaps
                • Herbal tea and light snack
                • All products used are organic and local

Lasting: 2-3 hours

〉〉〉   Beverages, alcoholic drinks, or campfire lunches/dinners are also available according to your wish.

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Enjoy the Taiga Lullaby.



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