Make sustainability a priority


Our services are designed for companies that want to be more aware with their decision making. We want to help your company by providing it with the necessary information to increase sustainability in decision making. We are glad to provide you fully customized content to meet the specific needs of your company’s current situation . In addition to that Arctic Core offers a series of multiple videos packed up with the latest research. Those can be purchased with a monthly access fee or getting the lifetime access for a specific topic related video series. The material is designed by our employees Eero Rautio and Patrik Seppi who have created the content with the help of the top specialists across the world.


Single lecture (life-time purchase)   –   49€

Topic related video series (life-time purchase) 249(usually 8 videos/series)

Monthly individual license to access all of our content    –   49€ / month

Monthly company license for all of our content   –   299€ / month (licenses for all of our employees)

Customized lectures and consulting services   –   Ask for an offer!

Anti-stress toy   –   15

Don’t hesitate to make your purchase today! For more detailed description about our products visit FAQ or contact us. We are glad to help with any questions you got.