Lapland University of Applied Sciences is hosting a visitor from Rome. Our quest name is Federico Palumbo and his home university is “Foro Italico” in Rome. The “Foro Italico” university is only devoted to sport science.

Mr. Palumbo decided to come to Lapland University of Applied Sciences because he likes the Finnish teaching method that is based on the idea of student independence and skills-based curriculum. Other attractiveness factor is Finnish nature! Mr. Palumbo praises the landscape around his studies as wonderful.

Mr. Palumbo stays with the Finnish landscape for six months, which means that he becomes familiar with various seasons that we can provide. In Lapland University of Applied Sciences Mr Palumbo has various tasks. First, he is doing a practical training with several courses of judo (children and teenegers) and he is writing a review about AMID project (Athletic Migration in Dual Career) that will be his final exam at “Foro Italico” University. Secondly, he is implementing a course regarding human in cold. Thirdly, he has many kinds of support tasks linked with the AMiD project.

Mr Palumbo I arrived in Rovaniemi on 14 August and started his traineeship on 15/08. He has met many people during the orientation week and he has made friendships with exchange students and tutors of Lapland University of Applied Sciences. He gets along well with local teachers and collegues.

The tutors of Lapland University of Applied Sciences support the integration for the exchange students. The tutors are available to help the exchange students about everything (studies, practicalities and leisure) and every Thursday there is a tutor park where exchange students can come and ask questions or get help from tutors. In the end, once at semester they organize a trip for exchange students!

Photo, Federico Palumbo from University of Rome and Niko Niemisalo, Lapland University of Applied Sciences (September 2019)