Sport events are a wonderful opportunity to connect with athletes firsthand and to collect in-field impressions. The project consortium will exploit this to promote the project, to disseminate the results, and to recruit AMID athletes. In the country of each partner, a sport event will take place. They are scheduled for 2019 and 2020. More information will be shared when available. The list of the events is available below:

Salzburg: AMiD Multiplier Sports Event in “USI Championship”

AMiD Multiplier Sports Event “USI Championships” took place 25 May 2019 in Salzburg. About 200 participants enjoyed numerous disciplines (e.g. Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Run2Hero parkour) and a evening celebration. At the AMiD info point, AMiD was promoted and findings shared with athletes, students, and Dual Career interested people. In the event, the lead partner representatives talked with with many people about Dual Careers, the AMiD project, disseminated information, activities, and results. See also:


USI report:


Cassino: University of Cassino organised a sport event related to the AMID project in October 2019

CUS Cassino (associated partner of Uni Cassino) organised a sport event and Uni Cassino and prepared roll-ups for it and represented AMiD at the event.The link of the event with the video is:

The link of the video on youtube is:


Hamburg: AMiD project is presented in EAS2020 Hamburg in September 2020

AMiD project’s results are presented in EAS202o conference in Hamburg, Germany. Due to the Covid-pandemic the conference is organized as videoconference.

To meet the dual-career excellence attendees, expect, the online EAS program includes keynote speakers and sessions with interactive Q&A sessions and two workshops.

The results of the AMiD project are presented in the conference that is an excellent venue for dissemination. The event is also a multiplier event of the University of Hamburg.

Have a look at here for more information:

Rovaniemi, Finland: AMiD in “Snowember” 2020

Lapland University of Applied Sciences will organize the Multiplier Sports Event during the Snowember thematic month. It will take place in 1-30. November 2020 in Rovaniemi. The Event  is linked with the snow-related thematic month in the city and it takes carefully into account the special arrangements due to COVID2019-pandemic.