Athletic migration: Dual Career and qualification in sports (AMID) project promotes and supports good governance in sport and Dual Careers of athletes by building a network for exchange of best practices, by developing skills and competences in Dual Career, especially addressing migrating athletes. Migrating athletes are a very suitable target group to serve this purpose because they operate in multiple European countries during their careers including sports training and formal education. The overall objective is to support good governance in sport and Dual Career by tackling the challenges of new economic and social conditions taking place in the EU. The specific objectives are a) to raise awareness and knowledge of the phenomenon of Dual Career and migration including the current situation and challenges in the EU, b) to build a network and develop applicable support structures for migrating athletes within the EU including their implementation and evaluation, and c) to provide practical tools to stakeholders and feed good practices into governance. These objectives are the logical consequence of the need analysis described below and will relate especially to fields of sports that are scientifically verified to be especially challenging such as winter and water sports.

Although the project addresses athlete migration especially in winter and water sports, there are synergies with other fields because our target group is most likely but not exclusively affected by particular challenges. We will learn and collect good practices from fields outside of athlete migration that are confronted with similar needs. In addition, we can share transferable results and practices with other fields thanks to an approach which is specialised for migrating athletes but not restricted to them (e.g., cooperation agreements or increase of flexible services).

To achieve these objectives, the work programme was divided into the following work packages (WPs):

WP1: Current situation of athlete migration in Europe: This output contains a comprehensive review on the current state of research, adds completely new insights from end-users through a scientific study, and reveals potential improvements for the future.

WP2: Criteria for transnational Dual Career in Europe: This output contains the definitions for transnational Dual Career and the identification of criteria to successfully define the status of migrant athletes and the eligibility of academic institutions and sports services for successful athlete migration.

WP3: Transnational exchange opportunities for Dual Career measures for migrating athletes: This output contains a) the required steps to reveal transnational exchange opportunities for diverse Dual Career measures for migrating athletes and b) the particular opportunities within the partnership of this project.

WP4: Testing (transnational) Dual Career measures for migrating athletes: This output contains the testing and scientific assessment of measures which were selected according to the findings of WP1-3.

WP5: Development of a toolkit for stakeholders of athlete migration: This output condenses all previous findings of the project and draws the big picture of previous results and conclusions. It presents the final main deliverable of the project.

WP6: Dissemination and sustainability: This output is to disseminate the project results to the widest possible audience and to establish sustainability to the project.

WP7: Management and quality assurance: This output contains the development of testing and evaluation methods, which will be applied to collect and assess data from the quality assurance measures. It is not to be confused with the implementation and management of measures, but it is the production of best testing and assessment methods for these measures.

The project is funded by the Erasmus Plus Sport Programme. The total budget of the project is 373499 euros.