MineHealth – Sustainability of miners’ wellbeing, health and work ability in the Barents Region

  • Implementation period: 24 months
  • Lead Partner: University of Umeå
  • Funding programme: MineHealth is partly funded by Kolarctic ENPI CBC (Contract Number: 02/2011/043/KO303) and partly by National state funding and National co-financing.
  • Budget:
  • Outcomes: The results include learning material and education plans/programs as well as technical and administrative actions and optimization of arctic miners’ clothing and personal protective equipment. The outcome is aimed to promote wellbeing, work ability and health and prevent sick leaves.
  • http://minehealth.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/MineHealth_Final_Report-201503231.pdf


SUSMIN – Tools for sustainable gold mining in EU

  • Implementation period: 2013–2016
  • Lead Partner: Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)
  • Funding programme: Era-Min
  • Budget: €1.937.000
  • Outcomes: The project provides technologies and methods for sustainable mineral processing, water treatment and management of environmental and social impacts to manage economic, social and environmental risks of gold mining and to achieve sustainability and long term development of the mining areas.
  • http://projects.gtk.fi/susmin/


LUC turvallisuuden ennakoivan TKI-ohjelman rakentaminen – LUC creating a proactive safety and security RDI programme

  • Implementation period: 5/2015–9/2016
  • Lead Partner: Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Multidimensional Tourism Institute – MTI
  • Funding programme: European Regional Development Fund
  • Budget: 55 072 € (78 012 €)
  • Outcomes: Surveying the level of safety and security competences in the University of Lapland faculties and different fields of Lapland UAS, surveying the level of safety and security competences in research institutes operating in Lapland, surveying the research, development and innovation needs of sub-regions in Lapland and Lapland safety and security network stakeholders (workshops in the regions)  as well as drawing up an RDI programme for safety and security and forming a futures panel


Turvallisuudesta työhyvinvointia, laatua ja tuloksellisuutta – From safety and security wellbeing at work, quality and cost-effectiveness

  • Implementation period: 1.11.2012–31.3.2015
  • Lead Partner: Agnico Eagle Finland Oy
  • Funding programme: Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation
  • Budget: Enterprise project
  • Outcomes: Creating coherent operating models for crisis situations and reducing the number of workplace accidents in all mines involved in the project


Putkien käsittelyautomaatti – Automated pipe handling

  • Implementation period: 9.2.2009–31.3.2010
  • Lead Partner: Arctic Drilling Company Oy Ltd
  • Funding programme: Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation
  • Budget: Enterprise project
  • Outcomes:  The project Putkien käsittelyautomaatti (automated pipe handling) developed a system to facilitate and increase safety when handling drilling rig pipes


SOKLI ja SAVUKOSKI –Kokonaistarkastelu Savukosken varautumistarpeesta Soklin käynnistämiseen – SOKLI and SAVUKOSKI – Review of preparedness needs of Savukoski for SOKLI start-up

  • Implementation period: 1.8.2011 – 30.6.2014
  • Lead Partner: Savukosken kunta
  • Funding programme: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF),  Regional Council of Lapland
  • Budget:
  • Outcomes: The project studied the preparedness of Savukoski municipality to accommodate the people employed by the mine project both during the building stage as well as the period of operation. The project looked into the changes brought on by the mine project to municipal services, traffic arrangements, land use planning and anything else the implementation of the mega project might have an effect on in the municipality.


Kaivoskoulutuksen verkko-oppimateriaalivaranto – Mining education digital learning material reserve

  • Implementation period: 1.3.2009–31.12.2013
  • Lead Partner: Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education
  • Funding programme: ERDF
  • Budget: 331 425
  • Outcomes: Creating new digital learning material for vocational upper secondary education in mining. The project improved the preparedness of trainers and the quality of basic mining education as well as development and training services aimed enterprises.


Kaivannaisalan viestinnän kehitysprojekti – Development project of communications in mining industry

  • Implementation period: 1.11.2012–30.4.2015
  • Lead Partner: Geological Survey of Finland
  • Funding programme: EDRF
  • Budget: 272 750
  • Outcomes: The main objective of the project was to disseminate basic information from mining industry to various target groups. The project created a common web-service for the mining industry as a tool to disseminate information and developed contents and materials including basic information, statistics and completed materials for the use of various target groups.
  • http://kaiva.fi/tietoa-sivustosta/ (in Finnish only)


Arctic Business Concept – ABC

  • Implementation period: 1.6.2015–31.3.2018
  • Lead Partner: Digipolis
  • Funding programme: EDRF, Regional Council of Lapland
  • Budget: 1 622 657
  • Outcomes: The main objective was to support the competitiveness and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in industry and mining. Other important objectives were the promotion of sustainable operations in the value chains of processing Lappish natural resources and in business operations as well as the enhancement of multi-sectoral and multi-level cluster cooperation among Lappish stakeholders and at the EU level.


ENVIMINE – developing environmental and geodynamical safety related to mine closure in the Barents region

  • Implementation period: 2012-2015
  • Lead Partner: Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)
  • Funding programme: EU, Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013
  • Budget: 628 586 €
  • Outcomes: Developing environmentally safe mine closure with cross border cooperation, under specific conditions in the Barents region.


SULKA – Sulphur compounds in mining operations – environmental impact assessment, measurement and emission abatement

  • Implementation period: 1.7.2012–31.12.2014
  • Lead Partner: University of Oulu
  • Funding programme: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
  • Budget: 1 880 000 €
  • Outcomes: The main objective was to generate new information about the environmental impact of sulphur emissions originating from mining industry, and to develop new methods to measure and monitor but also to minimize the sulphur containing emissions coming from mining industry.