​​Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Project Leader/Cluster Leader Reijo Tolppi
Email: reijo.tolppi(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 537 5815
He is specialized in rescue services and preparedness issues in general and especially safety and security in schools. Long term experience in management and international crises management.


Multidimensional Tourism Institute – MTI
Project Manager Eija Raasakka
Email: eija.raasakka(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 709 8160

Expert in project management, tourism and hotel management, safety management and networking.


Regional Council of Lapland
Chief Networking Officer Marko Palmgren
Email: marko.palmgren(at)lapinliitto.fi
Tel. +358 40 660 2103

Working model innovator and network co-operation expert who has developed several cross-functional and cross-sectoral working models.  Working model specialist in: Social innovations, Civil safety, wellbeing and rural development, Cross-functional and cross-sectoral network co-operation, NGO expert, Public sector expert, Financially and socially sustainable working model.



Multidimensional Tourism Institute – MTI
Project Manager Mirva Tapaninen
Email: mirva.tapaninen(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 527 6270

She works in administrative tasks in tourism development projects. Hers interest is e-commerce by looking into the changes as well as the challenges of development e-commerce brings to the companies in the tourism business, especially from the safety point of view.


​Multidimensional Tourism Institute – MTI
Project Manager Niko Niemisalo
Email: niko.niemisalo(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 183 4440

He works as a project planner in international and regional projects, and also manages projects. He has experience both regional and international project management, and he has worked with direct EU funding e.g from Erasmus+ and Lifelong Learning programmes.


​Multidimensional Tourism Institute – MTI
Senior Lecturer Sisko Häikiö
Email: sisko.haikio(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 631 6417

She works as senior lecturer at Lapland UAS teaching languages, communication and project management in Finnish, English and German. Focused on intercultural communication and intercultural encounters in tourism. Particularly interested in intercultural safety communication both as a theoretical concept and in the practice of tour guiding. One of the creators of the virtual training Arctic Guide.

​Multidimensional Tourism Institute – MTI
Senior Lecturer Heidi Kaihua
Email: heidi.kaihua(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 710 6437

She works as senior lecturer at Lapland UAS teaching and coaching tourism business conceptualization and tourism safety related studies. She is particularly interested in safety in hospitality and in safety management. She works as an expert in safety projects at Lapland UAS and has been co-creating Tourism Safety Tools and virtual training Arctic Guide.


​Multidimensional Tourism Institute – MTI
Senior Lecturer Päivi Hanni-Vaara
Email: paivi.hanni-vaara(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 710 6397

Experienced in teaching, coaching and development related issues concerning widely Tourism business. Focused specially on digital environment for managing customer relationships and daily operations from the perspective of voluntary safety issues. Capability to coordinate networking related context like event management. History of working as an intermediary in Tourism business.


​Multidimensional Tourism Institute – MTI
Senior Lecturer Outi Kähkönen
Email: outi.kahkonen(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 710 6410

She teaches marketing communication focusing on the hands-on use of digital tools, event management and languages. She is particularly interested in the welfare of animals in tourism services.



​​Lapland University of Applied Sciences – LUAS
Senior Lecturer Kai Ryynänen
Email: kai.ryynanen(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 526 1596

He works as senior lecturer at Lapland UAS teaching civil engineering related studies. He has expertise of safety in snow and ice construction engineering. He also work as specialist in Arctic Civil Engineering R&D-group in LUAS. He is co-leading Thematic Network Arctic Engineering   in UArctic.


​Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Principal Lecturer Marika Kunnari,   PhD (Health sciences)
Email: marika.kunnari(at)lapinamk.fi
Tel. +358 40 630 8571

She works with teaching and R&D tasks in the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, in particular in Service management in digital age (as responsible teacher) and Working life development and supervision degrees. Her research interests are related to the well-being of the local people, well-being threats and well-being services development and also to social sustainability of mining in the local communities.


Victim Support Finland, Regional Office of Lapland
Regional Manager Päivi Alanne-Kunnari
Email: paivi.alanne-kunnari(at)riku.fi
Tel. +358 40 097 9175

She works as a Regional Manager in the Victim Support Finland, Regional Office of Lapland. Their customers include victims of crime, the related people and the witnesses of the criminal acts.