MTI of Lapland University of Applied Sciences launched a series of safety related events in March with the theme of crisis management and with an array of leading experts in their fields. Audience consisted of staff of Lapland UAS as well as representatives from business. Multidisciplinary and international group of speakers shed light on different aspects of crisis management in different contexts, ranging from all-encompassing view on crisis management in business to specific case examples from a particular line of business to the point of view of officials. Mika Susi from Confederation of Finnish Industries pointed out that safety is factor in quality and therefore also a competitive factor, and therefore we will continue next autumn with the theme of risks management.



Lori Pennington-Gray, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management
Director of the Tourism Crisis Management Initiative, University of Florida, Gainesville.

Her research uses a “systems approach” to understand both demand-side and supply-side issues related to tourism. On the demand side, her primary research agenda has concentrated on risk and risk-related behaviors. On the supply-side, her research has focused on tourism crisis management, resilient destinations and disaster management for destination marketing organizations.

Dr. Pennington-Gray received her Ph.D. from Michigan State University (1999), her MS from The Pennsylvania State University (1994) and her BS from Waterloo University in Canada (1993). She has expertise in destination management, planning and development, policy and crisis  management. She has been involved with a number of tourism studies globally and has worked with a number of countries on tourism policy initiatives. Dr. Pennington-Gray has chaired 20 PhD students and 40 MS students who are primarily interested in tourism crisis management. She has over 250 publications.


Ashley Schroeder, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Tourism Crisis Management Initiative, University of Florida

She has expertise in destination management, with an emphasis on how destinations prepare for, respond to, and recover from situations that affect consumer confidence or normal business operations in a  destination.



Mika Susi
Chief Policy Adviser
Director General and Executive Office

Mika Susi is a Chief Policy Adviser in the Confederation of Finnish Industries and he is in charge of issues regarding corporate security, risk management and security policies. By training he is a master in social sciences and a police officer. In addition he is trained as risk manager. He has 20 years of experience from safety and security, and he works actively in developing the training and know-how of these issues in the business life.


Henna Kelloniemi
Head of Communications, Senior constable

Senior constable Henna Kelloniemi is a head of communications at the Lapland Police Department and is in charge of the internal and external communications of the police department in the whole Lapland region. By training Kelloniemi is Master of Arts and a police officer. She has graduated from the department of  media studies at the University of Lapland and before her career in the police force she has worked as a journalist. Henna Kelloniemi is in charge of communications task force of the Lapland Police Department and is a member of the national task force. She has been involved in developing the communications of Finnish Police on the national level since the beginning of her career in the police force.