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Statement of Co-operative Identity
What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?
The Co-operative Learning Centre


Module 1: The history, ideology and status of the cooperative movement

Contents: This module foucuses on creating cooperative attitudes; highlight the background and ideology of coop movement. Here you will find history and information about coop movement.


Module 2: Being a cooperative member

Contents: This module focuses on being a cooperative member and what this role requires. The material is not accessible to Aspirant level students.


Module 3: Establishing a cooperative

Contents: This moduel focuses on dealing with the practicalities of setting up a coop.


Module 4: Managing a cooperative

Contents: This module focuses on the special nature of the management of a coop.


Module 5

Contents: This module complements the other modules. It’s about the need to train and develop existing coops to become a strong part of the market.


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