Welcome to study with us!


This page is for you, our International Talent, who has been accepted to study either in University of Lapland or Lapland University of Applied Sciences.  In this page you will get to know how is it to live and study here in Lapland!

You will learn more about real life in Lapland, the cultural orientation, yourself as a learner and then you will have a possibility to start learning Finnish. This is only the first scratch of the topic and in the beginning of your studies you will have orientation days where you will get to know these things in more depth.

Also, if you are still thinking about applying to study in either of the organisations in near future – take a look also these pages and learn how it is to study here in Lapland!



Content of this website

This website consist of four modules in which you can get to know the real life in Lapland, orientate yourself to Finnish study culture and reflect yourself and your skills as a student and learner. You will also have an opportunity to start studying some Finnish. 

Sit tight and enjoy your journey – and welcome to study in Finnish Lapland!

Real life in Lapland

Moving to a foreign country will be exciting but there are also few things you should pay attention to. Here we have collected some facts that are good to know before you move.  

Cultural orientation

“It’s more complex than “Finnish people aren’t social”. In my experience Finnish people are just as social and friendly as other people but they do not fake being social or friendly when they don’t feel like it.”  (International student from Lapland)

Me as a learner

Have you thought how you learn? What ways are the best possible ways for you to learn? Here you will have the opportunity to reflect yourself as a learner.

Learn Finnish

They say that the Finnish language is one of the most challenging ones to foreigners, but we strongly encourage you to learn at least the basics. Start here!