About us

This webpage is created in collaboration with the project Bridge – Making career paths smoother for immigrants (2021-2023) by the University of Lapland and the Talent Boost by Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

The Bridge – Making career paths smoother for immigrants project is funded by the European Social Fund and is a cooperation between Lappia Vocational College, Lapland Education Centre REDU, Peräpohjola Institute, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, and the University of Lapland. The project aims to develop a student’s career path all the way from basic education for adults through the upper secondary level to working life and higher education institutions. The goal is to make transitions from one institution to another or from school to working life easier and smoother for immigrant students and to offer them more personally targeted support.

Get In Touch

Bridge-project: Outi Kugapi outi.kugapi(at)ulapland.fi or Susanna Kouri susanna.kouri(at)lappia.fi

Talent Boost at Lapland UAS: Suvi Lehojärvi suvi.lehojarvi(at)lapinamk.fi