Learn Finnish

In this module, you can learn some Finnish. Have fun!

They say that the Finnish language is one of the most challenging ones for foreigners, but we strongly encourage you to learn at least the basics. When studying, do not directly translate everything from your own mother language, instead empty your mind and start discovering the beauty and harmony that the language has. It is definitely a different language, but also really exciting to learn!


Here we give you some basics about food and clothing, but please discover more courses about the language and the culture from your own institute. Direct links are below!

Discover the food words – helps you in the supermarket

Clothing hacks

Well, that was easy! Right?



Here we have also listed some words for clothing. You might find this useful also when you think about what to wear during autumn rain or chilly winter weather. We Finns love to put layers on top of each other, so we strongly suggest you do the same! That is the secret that keeps us warm during minus temperatures.

Some other useful information

When you go to your apartment’s kitchen, you will probably notice that there is this kind of weird cupboard. Do not worry – that is meant for drying the dishes. We Finns call it astiankuivauskaappi. In the astiankuivauskaappi, there is the place for muki (mug), lautanen (plate), haarukka (fork), veitsi (knife), lusikka (spoon), and all the other things that you might wash. Some Finns even use this astiankuivauskaappi for storing all the dishes – quite handy, right?

juusthöylä o kugapi

We Finns are big fans of ruisleipä (rye bread) and we like to eat it with juusto (cheese). What you might not know, we love to buy cheese in big chunks and then slice it with juustohöylä (cheese slicer). So when you visit a local supermarket, go and buy one juustohöylä.

Here in Finland we also recycle everything. It is called kierrätys in Finnish. There are separate waste sortings for biojäte (biowaste), polttokelpoinen jäte (burnable waste), paperi (paper), kartonki (cardboard), lasi (glass packaging), metalli (metal) and muovi (plastic packaging). So pay attention to which waste bin you throw your trash at your own house.

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