Strengths Cards


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VAHTO Strengths Cards

The VAHTO Strength Cards in your hands are intended as a tool to support guidance. They can be used to support and enhance wellbeing, self-awareness, and skills of recognising and utilising one’s strengths. We hope that the cards will lead you to new insights.
You can use the cards by yourself or in group exercises. They can be used for recognising and naming strengths and for considering opportunities for development. They also allow reflection on the meaning of one’s strengths, how they manifest in various life situations (relationships, studying, working), and how they can be used and applied.

The VAHTO cards are based on the classification of character strengths and virtues made by Peterson & Seligman (2004). The cards introduce 24 strengths representing six virtues, plus five extras. In addition, the cards include questions that help discuss strengths. Feel free to familiarise yourself with the Workbook of Strengths-Based Future Guidance with detailed tips and exercises.

Citation guide:
Hyvärinen, S., Kangastie, H., Kari, S., Löf, J., Rautio, K., Riponiemi, N., & Uusiautti, S. 2021. VAHTO Strengths Cards. Rovaniemi: University of Lapland.