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Workbook of Strengths-Based Future Guidance

The Workbook of Strengths-Based Future Guidance will be your guide into strengths-based future thinking, and identifying, using, applying and developing strengths. In the workbook you will find a variety of exercises and methods that will help you in your efforts to guide the participants towards gaining insights about themselves and their future plans, and to provide them with tools for verbalising their competencies and reflecting on their strengths. The exercises provide a basis for enhancing self-knowledge and for developing skills needed in study, work and life more generally.

This book is intended as a support for strengths-based future guidance and as a tool for study and career counsellors, teachers, and anyone working with young people and adults. The exercises featured in the book offer examples of how the strengths-based approach can be used in various situations, for example during different phases of studies or in an individual or group guidance setting. The strength exercises have been developed on the basis of theory and the project’s guidance pilot sessions and tools. They apply strengths-based thinking from the perspective of the individual’s situation. The objective is to deepen the individual’s understanding of their own potential and the ways in which it can be used, and to help them to develop a coherent picture of their strengths.

It is our hope that this book will be a valuable companion to you and the guidance participants on your path towards new insights.

Citation guide for the usage of the workoobk:
Hyvärinen, S., Kangastie, H., Löf, J., Rautio, K., Riponiemi, N., & Uusiautti, S. 2021. Workbook of Strengths-Based Future Guidance. Rovaniemi: Lapin yliopisto.