A tourism business in not alone, there is a diverse group of different actors with different roles in the background. Some of these actors constitute a central part of the everyday operations of a tourism business, for example: personnel, customers, suppliers and distribution channels. Some of them may be unnoticeable in the everyday operations, yet they have an impact on the continuity of business (public authorities/permits) and image (media).

The chart below illustrates the most relevant actors affecting tourism businesses at the regional, national and international levels. Each actor’s role in relation to a tourism business’s operations is described. Below the chart, you will find a task in which you can outline your own network.

Task: Network description

Use the network description above to consider your own or your future business’s network: which actors at the different levels of the description belong to your network? Is there an actor in your network that is not included in this network description? Or is there a significant actor missing from your network? You can outline your network to this file.