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How to support and promote active citizenship and open learning environments? How can the various projects work together and learn from each other?

AKTIIVI Plus is a coordination project in the national ESF-development programme for Active citizenship through open learning environments organised by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The project is further funded and managed by the Lapland’s ELY centre.

AKTIIVI Plus project brings together expertise from different projects and at the same time initiates and reinforces their mutual networking. The aim is to make the various projects so transparent that their output and developed skills can be their own as well as the common benefit. In addition, the results will be disseminated widely to different target groups.

The main themes of the AKTIIVI Plus network projects are the development
of public participation and information society skills through active citizenship and open learning environments.

AKTIIVI Plus Development Themes:

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Further information
leena.vainio@omnia.fi, jarmo.viteli@uta.fi,
mika.sihvonen@uta.fi, miikka.m.sipila@uta.fi
mika.petasnoro@lapinamk.fi, kirsi.saloniemi@lapinamk.fi
eveliina.toivonen@hamk.fi, minttu.lampinen@hamk.fi

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