Virtual benchmarking trip in Finnish Lapland

Text: Suvi Autio, Elisa Hartikainen, Emily Höckert & Monika Lüthje 

Videos: Mauri Lähdesmäki , Fount Films

One of the main activities in the ARCTISEN project, are the benchmarking events that bring together different kinds of tourism actors across the Arctic. The first benchmarking trip took place in Greenland in December 2019 and at the end of April we joined the first online benchmarking trip, which presented tourism companies in Norway. 18 May it was time for benchmarking journey in the Finnish Lapland. In the following, we welcome you to enjoy the atmosphere and new ideas from our online bus-trip. After describing our journey, we will share some of the most inspiring takeaways and souvenirs.   


Tour guide: Suvi Autio 

Hello everyone and welcome to our Arctisen Finnish online benchmark trip. Glad to see so many of you here!  As many of you know, originally we were supposed to have physical  benchmarking trips, but then corona complicate the plans and instead we have created these online benchmarking events.

Let’s go quickly through the travel itinerary of our trip. Here you can see the timetable. We will start by gathering in groups so you can get to know some of your travelling companions. We will then head towards Hetta, where we are welcomed by Tiina at Hotel  Hetan  Majatalo.

The program included visits in five different companies in Enontekiö, Inari and Utsjoki and discussions in three break-out sessions.


First stop: Hotel Hetan Majatalo

Virtual benchmarking trip in Hotel Hetan Majatalo

More information about family Hotel in Hetta, Finland


Second stop: Näkkälä Adventures

Virtual benchmarking trip with Näkkälä Adventures

More information about Näkkälä Adventures in Enontekiö, Finland


Third stop: SoundByNature

Virtual benchmarking experience with Sanni Orasmaa

More information about SoundByNature


Short visits along the way


Fourth stop: Sámi Duodji

Welcome to visit Sámi Duodji Shop and handicraft workshop in Sajos, Inari 

More information about Sámi Duodji association in Finland


Fifth stop: Holiday Village Valle

Virtual benchmarking visit in Holiday Village Valle, in Utsjoki

More information about Holiday Village Valle 


Tour Guide: Suvi Autio

We are now approaching Rovaniemi. I hope you enjoyed this benchmarking trip with us.

Remember that the benchmarking trip in Sweden will be organised 3 June 2021.

From behalf of Arctisen I wish you all a pleasant rest of the day. Please make sure that you don´t forget any of your belongings in the buss.

Some happy bus travelers caught in a group photo.