Interesting readings

Project results – reports


Looking at Arctic tourism through the lens of cultural sensitivity : ARCTISEN – a transnational baseline report
Authors: Kjell O. Olsen, Mette S. Abildgaard, Camilla Brattland, Daniela Chimirri, Cecilia De Bernardi, Johnny Edmonds, Bryan S. R. Grimwood, Chris E. Hurst, Emily Höckert, Kari Jæger, Outi Kugapi, R. Harvey Lemelin, Monika Lüthje, Nuccio Mazzullo, Dieter K. Müller, Carina Ren, Ritva Saari, Lateisha Ugwuegbula & Arvid Viken

Toward culturally sensitive tourism – Report from Greenland
Authors: Carina Ren, Daniela Chimirri & Mette S. Abildgaard

Cultural sensitivity and tourism – Report from Northern Norway
Authors: Camilla Brattland, Kari Jæger, Kjell Olsen, Elle Mari Dunfjell Oskal, Arvid Viken

Reflections on culturally sensitive tourism – The case of Sweden
Authors: Dieter K. Müller & Cecilia de Bernardi

Toward culturally sensitive tourism – Report from Finnish Lapland / Kohti kulttuurisensitiivistä matkailua: Suomen Lappi
Authors: Outi Kugapi, Emily Höckert, Monika Luthje, Nuccio Mazzullo & Ritva Saari

Existing Guidelines and Certificates for Culturally Sensitive Tourism in Canada
Authors: Chris E. Hurst, Lateisha Ugwuegbula, Bryan S.R. Grimwood & Harvey R. Lemelin


Articles in newspapers etc


How not to promote Arctic tourism. Why Finland’s Indigenous Sami say marketing their region needs to change. Article by Eilís Quinn in Eye on the Arctic.

Stereotypes have fueled a tourism boom in Europe’s icy North. Can things change? Article by Karen Gardiner in National Geographic.


Academic publications


Hurst, C., Grimwood, S. R., Lemelin, R.H. & Stinson, M. J. (2020). Conceptualizing cultural sensitivity in tourism: a systematic literature review. Tourism Recreation Research.

Kugapi, O., & Höckert, E. (2020). Affective entanglements with travelling mittens. Tourism Geographies.

Ren, C., Jóhannesson, G.T., Kramvig, B., Pashkevich, A. & Höckert, E. (2020). 20 years of research on Arctic and Indigenous cultures in Nordic tourism: a review and future research agenda. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism.

Saari, R., Höckert, E., Lüthje, M., Kugapi, O., & Mazzullo, N. (2020). Cultural sensitivity in Sámi tourism: A systematic literature review in the Finnish context. Matkailututkimus, 16(1), 93-110.



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