New research course on culturally sensitive tourism

Text: Emily Höckert

During the Arctic Spring 2021, ARCTISEN team launched the first online course, CULTURAL SENSITIVITY IN ARCTIC TOURISM. This self-study online course, welcomes everyone to learn more about cultural sensitivity in tourism development. While the course was designed especially for tourism entrepreneurs and tourism workers, it serves as good guidance for tourism developers, DMOs, guides, students and policy-makers. That is, for everyone interested in the topic. Many people have already completed the course and have found it both inspirational and helpful.

I’d love to tell you that I absolutely loved the course you’ve carefully crafted! The information was well organised, in a way that it motivated me to study, and on my own pace! The extra material were very helpful to understand more the topic and the videos were very interesting to listen to. It was inspiring!
                                                                                                    Participant in the course ’Cultural Sensitivity in Arctic Tourism’

Now the COURSE 1 has been accompanied with a research course — with COURSE 2.  The course is designed to help you to enhance your theoretical and conceptual understanding of cultural sensitivity. The course includes articles, reports, inspirational videos, videos and self-reflexive exercises that welcome you to the current discussions on cultural sensitivity in the Arctic.

The course consists of five different chapters that approach the conceptual framework of cultural sensitivity from different aspects: 

  1. Introduction to the course 
  2. Conceptual framework of cultural sensitivity in tourism 
  3. Legacies of ethnocentrism in Arctic tourism  
  4. Culturally sensitive orientation in Arctic tourism
  5. Ongoing discussions on cultural sensitivity in tourism

This self-study online course is open for everyone. The course welcomes tourism workers, students, and everyone else interested in gaining a better theoretical understanding of cultural sensitivity. After the course, you will receive a certificate to show that you have passed the course ( 1 ECTS  = 27 hours of self-study work).

While we recommend you to start with the first course ‘Cultural Sensitivity in Arctic Tourism’, you can also choose to begin directly with this in-depth course.

Please, help us to spread the word about the both courses.

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