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The Poland Workshop, Cooperatives Visited

During the Conventus meeting in Warsaw, the participants had opportunities to meet some local cooperative societies. They represented various size, age and type of activity. “Społem” Warsaw-Center Consumers’ Cooperative („Społem” Warszawska Spółdzielnia Spożywców Śródmieście) „Społem” WSS Śródmieście, founded in 1869, is one of the oldest, still operating, cooperative societies in Poland and the first consumers’ …

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May we present ourselves: Götene Företagskooperativ

Götene Företagskooperativ is located in the small town of Götene. Götene has a population of about 13000 and you will find it in the south-west of Sweden on the southern shore of lake Vänern near the nature reserve of Kinnekulle. Our cooperative has about 20 members and the areas of activity of our cooperative are, …

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May we present ourselves: Urban Flow

Members of Urban Flow in a business meeting

Urban Flow is a consultancy and service cooperative set up in Tornio, Finland,by students of Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences. The cooperative has 14 members who each have their own area of expertise. Urban Flow offers diverse services to other enterprises, such as efficiency and product development services, event planning and graphic design for company …

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May we present ourselves: Laxen

The social cooperative Laxen is located in the municipality of Gullspång in South-Central Sweden. The town of Gullspång borders on lake Vänern and has a population of about 1200. Laxen takes its name from the salmon that travel upriver past Gullspång each spring. A salmon stair allows the fish to reach its spawning area. The …

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May we present ourselves: Lärkan

Lärkan is a social cooperative located in the small town of Grästorp. The cooperative has 40 members and employs 17 full-time staff and a varying number of trainees. The activities of the cooperative cover several areas. The cooperative has a service branch that specialises in yard work and light transport. A second-hand shop recycles goods. …

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