Visit Struve Geodetic Arc

All the Struve Geodetic Arc measurement points seem to be different from each other. The measurement points have an interesting historical background and are usually surrounded by wonderful nature. Read more below how to visit measurement points in person, or try virtual “travel” to Struve Geodetic Arc.

Visit the Struve Geodetic Arc in three countries

World Heritage Site

The section contains information about the measurement points on the World Heritage Nomination List.

Measurement points

All of the measurement points used in measuring the Northern parts of the Struve Geodetic Arc are detailed in this section. The list contains measurement points used in Finland, Sweden and Norway starting from Fuglenes, Hammerfest, Norway and ending to Ulkokrunni, Ii, Finland.

How to Visit

This section explains how to prepare a visit to measurement points. Some of which can reside in extremely remote locations.  Some are easier to access.

Visit Struve Geodetic Arc Virtually

Find out about digital solutions that highlight Struve Geodetic Arc, the explorers and local culture.

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