Greetings from the Canadian ARCTISEN Webinar!

Text: Chris E. Hurst

One of the key activities in the ARCTISEN project, are benchmarking events to bring together different tourism stakeholders, community representatives, entrepreneurs, scholars, students, and government representatives across the Arctic region. The first benchmarking trip took place -person in Greenland in December 2019. The challenges of COVID-19 shifted the rest of the benchmarks to an online format, with the first online benchmarking trip taking place in Norway at the end of April. This was followed by a benchmarking virtual bus tour through Finnish Lapland on May 18, and a visit to tourism businesses in Sweden on June 3.

One June 9, 2021, Canada hosted the Canadian benchmarking webinar, with the theme Experiences of Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Canadian Arctic.


We were joined by tourism stakeholders in 7 countries!


Orienting hearts and minds


Sharing experiences of cultural sensitivity in tourism


→ Visit the Department’s webpage.


→ Visit Long Ago People´s Place webpage.


→ Visit Tundra North Tours webpage.

→ See the video from Kylik that was showed on webinar



Indigenous ecotourism futures in Canada




Key Messages and Takeaways