Call for papers: Leisure and the Anthropocene

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Leisure and the Anthropocene

Climate change is an existential, multi-species crisis. It is, arguably, the most severe symptom of planetary transformations that are accelerating due to anthropogenic impacts on the environment. The Anthropocene, introduced by scientists in 2000 to name the current geological epoch, draws attention to the scale and force of human activities on Earth systems. Various social science disciplines and fields of study have since engaged and recast the Anthropocene as a concept with significant political, economic, moral, and cultural dimensions. Increasingly, communities, organizations, and governments realize that the grave and unevenly distributed consequences of the Anthropocene, and associated transformations like climate change, require immediate action and transitions based on principles of justice and sustainability. How is the field of Leisure Studies grappling with global environmental change? How does leisure matter in the Anthropocene? How has leisure been complicit in producing the Anthropocene? How might leisure help heal, or inflict further damage to, human and more-than-human relations with planet systems?

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