Veera Kinnunen, Post-doc researcher

Veera Kinnunen (Ph.D.) University of Lapland, Bachelor of Design, Kuopio Academy of Design) is a sociologist and a cultural historian working on a threshold of more-than-human sociology, environmental humanities, and feminist ethics. Her research interests cover material culture of everyday life, dwelling, and waste. Her ongoing post-doc project is an ethnographic inquiry into experimental waste practices. She asks, how to live well with waste. This project has grown into a multi-species ethnography of sharing our lives with microbes. Throughout her research projects, she has been developing and experimenting with more-than-human ethnographic methodology.

In her spare time, Kinnunen experiments with her microbial companions; Bokashi composts and Kombucha jars, and dreams of a garden of her own.

Veera is a member of ILA-research group, and has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Envisioning Proximity tourism with New Materialism project during academic year 2021-2022. Currently, she works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oulu, in Biodiverse Anthropocene research program. She also holds a position of a university lecturer of sociology at the University of Lapland.