Aksana Kurola, Husky & Yoga Nature ( and Outi Rantala, ILA research group, University of Lapland (
Photography/video: Antti Kurola, Kurola Photography
Editing: Marko Pynnönen, Mideo
This video is part of the work of the ILA research group, funded by the Academy of Finland (Envisioning proximity tourism with new materialism, project no 3244)
A tale from nearby nature narrated in Finnish by Outi Rantala. The same tale in English available at
A Speech to A Mosquito, narrated in English by Joonas Vola. The same speech in Finnish narrated by Anu Valtonen available at
A story on touching rocks narrated in Finnish by Anu Valtonen. To listen the English version narrated by Joonas Vola, please enter
In the video Emily Höckert takes us to a walk, reflects on different ways of narrating the change through different writings of academics, by reviewing the stories of the childrens’ bookshelf and by referring to the activities co-conducted by the members of the ILA group.
Hur blir man en forskare? Hur ser forskarens arbetsdag ut? Vem är forskarens bästa kompis?
Följ med Gustav Ek och Emily Höckert och lär dig mer! (How to become a researcher? How does a researcher work? Who might be the researcher’s best friend? Follow Gustav Ek and Emily Höckert to find answers to these questions!)
Outi Rantala and Veera Kinnunen inter into dialogue on Northern perspectives to sustainability: Multispecies Studies as an approach to sustainability. To watch the discussion in Finnish, please enter
Take a seat, relax and put on your headphones and enjoy next 30 minutes as we take you to a journey through the transformation of the nature in Pyhä-Luosto National park, Lapland, Finland during Spring 2020. Film produced by Beyond Arctic.