Anu Valtonen, Professor of cultural economy

Photo: Anna Muotka

Anu Valtonen is Professor of Cultural Economy at the University of Lapland, Faculty of Social Sciences, Finland. She works at the interface of organization, marketing, and tourism studies. Her recent research interests relate to feminist new materialism, Anthropocene, more-than-human methodologies, affect theories, and bodies. Her work has been published, for instance, in Human Relations, Management Learning, Organization, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Material Culture, Journal of Marketing Management, Consumption, Markets and Culture, and Tourism Studies, as well as in books and book chapters.

She spends her free time preferably outdoors, enjoying hiking, walking, cycling, skiing, depending on the season. Also reading, yoga, cultural activities, art exhibitions and museums make her happy. The dearest place: summer cottage by lake Saimaa.