Emily Höckert, Post-doc researcher

Emily Höckert (D. Soc.Sci, University of Lapland) is Tourism researcher specialized in questions around ethics and hospitality in tourism development, research and pedagogy. Her research explores the multiple ways in which different kinds of hosts and guests – human and more-than-human – welcome and take care of each other. She is the author of Negotiating Hospitality (2018), and co-author of Disruptive Tourism and Its Untidy Guests (2014), which both discuss about relational ways of being and knowing in Tourism settings. Emily is also a proud member of ARCTISEN-project, which promotes culturally sensitive tourism across the Arctic.

During these days, I am enjoying proximity tourism by the dirtroads, in the woods and in the middle of this wild dandelion jungle on our backyard. I will be on a maternity-leave until the end of October 2019, exploring and adventuring close to home.