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Mar 31, 2021 | Communication, Save the date

It’s time to develop something new, based on something very old, our own surroundings, nature and culture. It’s time to go to the Northern parts of the World Heritage Struve Geodetic Arc, respecting each points individual characteristics..

Join the the Business Journey – save the dates

The meridian arc combines 10 countries nowadays. Here in the Northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway, we have more than 35 measurement points which helped people to define the exact size and shape of the Earth in past. 11 of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites! Still, there is only a limited number of cultural events, services and products related to Struve Geodetic Arc, and as lovely as the existing ones are, we believe there is potential for more. Do you agree?

Spring 2021 will open up a chance to learn more about Struve Geodetic Arc (later sometimes referred as SGA as of course, dear things have nicknames), tourism development and networks working around this unique heritage theme. Our project will organise a series of webinars together with our collaboration network. You can already save the dates directly into your calendar on our Events pages. No registration needed. Grab a cup of coffee and get wired with us any time.

To whom?

We invite everyone interested in cultural heritage to join the Business journey, but especially if you are

  • tour operator or other tourism business,
  • souvenir maker or have a souvenir shop,
  • tourism development organisation,
  • village association,
  • land owner or
  • other stakeholder who is interested in development of our unique destination.

This is also a good learning opportunity for tourism or adventure education students who aim to stay in our region and set up a business later on!

There is more. We throw a challenge to you.

Do you have an idea about a product or a service in relation to the Struve Geodetic Arc? Participate in the Struve Business Challenge competition with it, and you might get visibility not only on our web site and/ or social media, but also on project events like forthcoming Struve Expo 2022 – a major exhibition event visiting all three countries in 2022. More about that event in different posts later on. Or, you could become a jury member by emailing your interest to me. Jury will be published in April. Experience on topic, regional development or tourism is always a plus!

No ideas? Don’t worry, join us at the Struve Business Journey and you soon will have many. Our service designer Marjo will surely take care of that part in addition to many talented speakers.

The contest will end in November 2021. We will invite winner candidates to the Struve Gala to receive feedback from the jury, and announce the winner in a special ceremony.

How to submit your idea? The guideline and rules will be published during the first webinar 12th April – welcome to join us online.

The journey continues

Development process continues with workshops and site visits around the Northern parts of the Struve Geodetic Arc. We add more events as soon as we know how they will be organised e.g. depending on Covid-19 situation. Hopefully we can come close to your location one day. And then there are of course previously mentioned Struve Gala and Struve Expo…

Looking forward to meet more and more like-minded Struve enthusiasts and newcomers – eventually, at the journey to the top of the World Heritage!

With lots of Struve love, on behalf of our team and collaborators,






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