Have you lately thought about yourself as a student or your own views about learning? How do you process new knowledge? What is the best place to study? What motivates you?

When you evaluate yourself as a student, be gentle. Our previous experiences, self-esteem, current situation in life and personal resources affects how we evaluate learning process, believe in ourselves and make new aims. We learn in multiple ways and sometimes learning can depend on environmental issues also. Study skills are skills, which can be learned and developed. To support the feeling of control and progress in your studies, check the following points.

    1. Write down what motivates you and what do you want to learn?
    2. Write down who can help you if needed?
    3. Make all tasks (essays, exams etc.) visible. Use lists, mindmaps etc.
    4. Prioritize! What is the most important and urgent task? Is there something that can be done later?
    5. Use calendar. Mark lessons, deadlines and independent study time to your calendar. Don’t forget your free time! When everything have been wrote down, you know what to do and when to do it.
    6. Where is the best place to study? If it is difficult to focus on studying at home, go to the university or visit the library.
    7. When is the best time to study? Are you a morning person?
    8. Remember to keep enough breaks and do the assignment in smaller pieces. Try pomodoro –technique.  You can also check out our Study retreat -page.
    9. Focus what you are doing. Put your phone away, turn of the tv etc.
    10. Check the calendar before the week ends and make changes if needed.

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