Customer insight

Photo: Outi Kähkönen


In this lesson, you learn about customer insight, what is needed to understand your customer.

Guest centricity, customer focus and customer relationship management are crucial in delivering tourism experiences. In order to match the offer with the demand, profound understanding of the customers is needed.

Watch the webinar on the different levels of customer understanding and read the article.

In the data-driven world, decisions should not be educated assumptions but based on relevant data. To know what data is relevant, the company first needs to define the target and then ask the right questions.  

Task: Test the market orientation of your company with the Customer Insight Instrument (Excel file) developed by the Seinäjoki UAS.

Market orientation means how well the company gathers information on current and potential customers and competitors and how well the company can use this information in developing its offering.

The instrument is an Excel sheet that gives instant feedback. You may also download the file for yourself.

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