User guide and tools

Basic information

The Phenomena of Arctic Nature education material includes two themes:  

    1. Nature-based tourism in protected areas 
    2. Planning concepts for nature-based tourism 

The themes are divided further into modules and lessons.

The objective is to provide principles, practices and tools for understanding nature-based tourism and concept planning.  

The education material is meant for nature-based tourism entrepreneurs, municipalities and tourism destinations, organizations managing nature protection areas and nature centres, students as well as anyone interested in developing nature-based tourism.  

The education material can be used for example

    • as orientation and education material   
    • developing and planning concepts for nature-based tourism services 
    • strategic business and concept planning  
    • self-study material as a part of or to substitute other courses 

The education material is completely open, digital and independent of time and place.  The education material is based on modules and lessons which can be studied separately.

The modules contain the learning aims and one or more lessons that introduce the topic. The lessons include various learning materials such as presentations, articles, case examples, videos and figures as well as reflection tasks, practical tools and templates which help to understand, review, reflect and apply the content.

Tools and templates

Here you can find practical tools and templates for developing nature-based tourism and concept planning. You may download the files for yourself. Most of the pdf files you can fill in online and then save for yourself with your comments.


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