Phenomena of Arctic nature

Arctic nature is full of fascinating and impressive natural phenomena. Here you get to know the phenomena of Arctic nature in different seasons.

The northern lights are probably the most attractive and famous phenomenon of Arctic nature, but there are multiple other phenomena to view and observe in the heavens as well. In addition, they include many myths and legends which are excellent stories.


The winter and Christmas are probably the most popular seasons to visit the Arctic region. They offer the exoticism of snow, ice, cold weather and the polar night.


The Arctic region is sparsely populated and surrounded by wilderness, peacefulness and pureness. It has plenty of silence, pure air and water which offer a perfect environment for relaxation, well-being and personal development.


The summer in the Arctic is full of light which gives plenty of energy to people and the plants. The most important phenomena is the midnight sun.


The autumn leaf colours occur in September as the nature gets ready for the winter.


The phenomena of Arctic nature are also presented in various science centres and exhibitions. The article below describes the exhibition complex in Apatity.


Task: Think of an existing nature-based tourism product/service that you have used. Ponder how the different natural phenomena of Arctic nature were attended in the product/service. What kind of nature-based tourism activities, products and services could be organized and experienced based on the phenomena of Arctic nature?


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