Welcome to plan concepts for nature-based tourism products! 

The term “concept” might be unfamiliar to you. Here we use that term about service products that have been planned according to certain principles, creating an even-quality experience aimed at a carefully-defined customer group, always keeping in mind the company and destination identity.  

The material was first inspired by Tiia Sammallahti’s book on concept planning. Several service design methods are introduced, such as principles of creating a customer persona and a customer journey. Service design thinking is a holistic, customer-centric approach with an empathetic understanding of customer needs in designing products and services.

We mostly take the view of Finland as an operating environment for nature-based tourism, but the principles can be adapted to other countries, as well. 

In each lesson, there are tasks and documents to fill in, to help you take the ideas immediately into practice.

There are also links to already existing materials for further readingAlthough the course is in English, there are numerous links to recommendable materials that are in Finnish. 

The topic of marketing is discussed very briefly, and sales channels are left out from the material altogether. Both marketing and sales channels develop rapidly, and there is plenty of free and current online material available that can be found by using search engines.