Customer segmentation and personas

Photo: Outi Kähkönen


In this lesson, you learn about ways to group customers into segments and how to step into your customer’s shoes with the help of a customer persona.

Task 1:

Study the segmentation of

1. Which kind of segmentation is it?
2. Compare each segment to your organization’s strategy and goals. Which segment/s seems to match your company’s goals and resources best?

Customer persona

Task 2: 

Create a customer persona representing the most important market segment of your company. You may use this customer persona template.

Remember that the persona is created on the basis of data acquired from various sources, ideally co-creating it together with the customers.
See also: Customer persona workshop instructions and tools  created by Haaga-Helia

Empathy map

To gain better customer understanding, an easy tool to use is empathy mapping. First, read the blog post on empathy mapping .

For example, in the PAN project we used the empathy map as follows:

To better understand the hiking and biking visitors in the national park, the workshop participants were each given an outdoor enthusiast profile (created by Metsähallitus, in Finnish). They went out hiking or biking, and recorded their reactions based on the empathy map questions. This exercise of stepping into the visitor’s shoes opened their ideas and gave them numerous ideas which will be further developed.

Task 3: Use either the Empathy map tool (pdf file)created in the PALMA project or the Empathy map (pdf file) that was used in the above-mentioned case. For example, pick a service situation that you want to analyse. Fill in the fields in the pdf file and save the document for yourself.

See also: Empathy mapping workhop instructions and tools created by Haaga-Helia

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