Luxury from Nature

Photo: Outi Kähkönen


Are you interested in authentic and local experiences and well-being? Do you consider yourself or your customers luxury travellers?

Nowadays tourists are interested in fulfilling and developing themselves. They want new experiences and authentic encounters. In addition, tourists are interested in everyday life, food and well-being. This can be defined as a new luxury. The new luxury is based on the consumer’s experiences and feelings whereas traditional luxury is founded on materials and products.

Task: Ponder what luxury means for you.

The figure below presents the six different needs of luxury travel: care, personal touch, experiences, flexibility, safety, and exclusivity.

Task: Think of an existing nature-based tourism product/service that you have used. Ponder how the different needs of luxury travel were or could be fulfilled.

What is luxury in Lapland?

Nature in Lapland offers various stimuli and opportunities for well-being tourism and luxury travel. Luxury travel in Lapland means specialisation, high-quality products and destinations that use the region’s expertise in experiences and are sustainable and responsible. It is always a customised, experience-based and customer-driven service.  An all-embracing experience comes from genuine, local and natural products and services that improve well-being.

Task: Think of an existing nature-based tourism product/service that you have used. Ponder what kind of natural elements were met or could be included in the product/service.

Lappi Luxus business model

Lappi Luxus business model is a tool for companies to plan and design the business according to the luxury from nature and the customer’s needs. The model covers the value proposition, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, resources, activities, partners, cost structure and revenue streams such as the usual Business Model Canvas. Intersecting themes include authenticity, localness, natural heritage, research data, storytelling, experiences, natural products and raw materials and safety and profitability. The Lappi Luxus business model was created in the ‘Lapland Luxus – Nature-based Wellbeing Services and Products for Tourism Industry’ project.

The article below presents the luxury in Lapland and Lappi Luxus business model.

Task: Use the Lappi Luxus business model workbook for defining the business model from the perspective of the customer’s needs.


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