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Credits and certificates

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Viewing study attainments

You can view your own study attainments on the Student’s desktop by moving the cursor to the “My Studies” heading. From the menu, select “Credits”.




Above the study attainments, there is a question mark on the right side, where you can see the meaning of the symbols on the left side of the study units.

Implementation part: You can display the implementation parts on the “Study Attainments” page by clicking the “Show parts”.

Note that in Peppi you might have study attainments under several study rights. To switch between study rights, click your own name in the top right corner and under the “Entitlements” heading, you will find all your study rights. By clicking on a student number, you can switch to the correct study right. All study attainments have been transferred from WebOodi to Peppi.


Ordering certificates

You can order electronically signed documents in Peppi, such as a study certificate and a transcript of records, as follows:


  1. First choose “Study certificate and transcript of records”.


2. Choose “New order” and select the certificate you want from the list.


3. After selecting the certificate, choose the document’s language. Select “Order”.


4. The electronically signed document can be found under the “Documents” tab. The list displays all the documents you have ordered. You can open and save the document by clicking its name.


5. You can remove any additional documents by clicking the red trash can icon in the “Remove” column.