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The personal study plan (PSP) is a service that allows students to plan and schedule their studies. Select ”My Studies” and ”ePSP” on the top navigation bar.


On the ”Inspection” page, you will see the current structure and contents of your study plan. The plan is based on the curriculum of the degree programme or it consists only studies you have either completed or enrolled in (YOOPSI).

Select the question mark at the top right corner of the PSP to see the meanings of all the symbols used on the PSP. You can also see them by hovering over the symbol.

If you want to know more about some course or module, select the name of the study.

In the “Notes” field, you can see your latest study credits and ongoing enrollments.

Selection of studies

Select the Selecting studies” tab to select your optional and elective studies and to add courses and study modules to your study plan.

Adding studies to your study plan

    • Select the magnifying glass icon following the study module name -> this opens the ”study search” function
    • Write the study code or name to the search field to find studies -> Select Search
    • You may narrow down the search by selecting the search criteria on the left-hand side column. To narrow the search results, choose Study type, Education type, Degree programme or Degree title. For example “Courses for exchange students”
    • Select the studies you want to add to your study plan by selecting ”Add to basket” at the end of each study.
    • View the contents of the ”Search basket” by selecting ”x studies selected” link.
    • Empty the basket by selecting the ”Empty basket” button.
    • Remove a single study by selecting the x in front of the study name.
    • Select the studies you want to add to your study plan by selecting ”Add selected to PSP”.


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Choosing optional studies

To deselect the course from your study plan, select ”Delete alternative course”

To reselect the course back to your study plan, then ”Select alternative course”


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Select ”Arrangement” tab  if you want to arrange your studies in your PSP. For example, you might have studies in External studies section which you want to move under a right title in your study plan. Courses under External studies are courses that don´t belong to certain study module or courses that haven´t been moved to the right module yet. You can use drag and drop to move a course from a module to another. Grap the desired course, move it under the right study module or headline and drop it. You can use clipboard on the right side of the page if needed. Move the course first tot the clipboard and then under desired study module.

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In “Scheduling” tab you can schedule your studies. Drag the course where you want it in the timeline.