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  • Select Assesment from the top navigation and then Implementation AssessmentScreenshot from Peppi

  • Choose My ongoing implementations, My future implementations or My old implementations.

  • Select the desired implementation at the right side of its row: Actions –> AssessmentScreenshot from Peppi
  • The evaluation view shows the students that have registered to the course, except for the students that have been rejected from the course.

  • If the implementation consists of parts, their visibility may be adjusted from the buttons at the top right corner: Hide the parts / Show parts.

  • You may add or remove columns by clicking the Columns button on the top right corner. Choose the boxes that you wish to be shown in the evaluation view.

  • Default evaluator of the implementation is the person who is logged in Peppi. If this information is incorrect, it may be changed.

  • Change the Date of study attainment if needed.

  • Edit the credits in the column Cr for each student, if needed.

  • Add the grade for each student using the drop-down boxes in the column Grade. There is no separate Save button; the grade is automatically saved and the icon on the left side of the row turns green.Screenshot from Peppi

  • Adding a retake grade
    • Click the arrow icon at the end of the row
    • Choose Add retake
    • In the new window, select grade, date and evaluator.

  • Editing a grade
    • Click the arrow icon at the end of the row
    • Choose Correct the study attainment and edit the grade in the new window.

  • Editing study attainment
    • Click the arrow icon at the end of the row
    • Choose Edit

  • If you want to have a pdf file with all the grades, choose Reports and under Students and evaluations choose PDF