Lille-Raipas, Norway

Sep 21, 2021 | World Heritage Site


Lille-Raipas. Alta, Troms og Finnmark, Norway. 


Lat. 69° 56′ 19″ N 
Lon. 23° 21′ 37″ E 
Height 286 m 


Unesco World Heritage List, Site No. 2 

Extension network measurement point of the Struve Geodetic Arc 

View from Lille Raipas (Norway) to Haldde (Norway). Lille Raipas is a World Heritage Site, Hadde is a station point in the Struve Geodetic Arc.

Map of the area

Sightlines to Elvebakken, Store Raipas, Skoddevarre and Komsa are placed on a map. Visit Struve Geodetic Arc on the Google Maps >

Distances to other points

Elvebakken, Norway, about 4 km.
Store Raipas, Norway, about 4.5km.
Skoddevarre, Norway, about 8 km.
Komsa, Norway, about 6 km.


Lille Raipas was used as a measurement point in an extension network for the Alta baseline.

Existing marks on stones or ground

Originally a cairn over point in bedrock was built. The cairn was replaced later by an iron marker.

The Name information

Name in the “Arc du Méridien de 25º 20′ entre le Danube et la Mer Glaciale mésure depuis 1816 jusqu’en 1855” by F.G.W Struve: LILLE-REIPAS.

Land ownership and zoning

Norwegian state represented by Alta municipality. Norwegian Mapping Authority. The Site is conserved by the Act for Ancient Monuments.


The station point is located on mountain Raipas. It is situated close to Alta.



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