Trail markings as a sign of quality

Good trail markings are clear for the trail user and traveller, uniform across all areas and cost-effective for the administrator. Trail markings serve both domestic and international travellers during all seasons on all different trail types, on multi-use trails and in the trail crossings. Above all, they are a safety factor. How to implement good trail markings in your area?

On our site, you will find information on markings and a guide (pdf) for planning and maintaining outdoor trails as well as a safety document for outdoor trails (pdf). The guide has been tested in the challenging environment of Ylläs region on its year-round trails. A new rescue and location sign was also tested in the region. The safety document is a tool for the trail administrator to fulfill the duty of care as required in the Consumer Safety Act. One safety document can include information about all the outdoor trails.

Large network of stakeholders implement trail markings

Pictured below is the network of local and national stakeholders with descriptions of their roles and responsibilities in trail marking implementation. On the left are the local actors, and on the right the actors on the national level.

About the site

This site was created to disseminate the results of an EU-funded project REILA (2015-2018), which aimed to improve the safety of trail users and travellers on different types of outdoor trails by developing trail markings in user-driven way and providing information on trail planning and the signage for outdoor trails.