Ryhmäpalautus Moodletehtävässä edellyttää, että opiskelijat ovat ryhmissä!

The last few days the eLearning services have received several help requests from teachers who had created assignments in their Moodle courses and set Group submission to yes. However, they had omitted to create groups in the course and divide their students over those groups. The result is that Moodle considers all students in the course as one big group and that usually means only one of them can submit the assignment. On the assignment page it will look like this:

ryhmapalautus 1It also means that all students will see that one submission and can edit or delete it! To compound the problem, once a student has submitted in a group assignment, the setting cannot be changed anymore.

ryhmapalautus 2As indicated in the image above, the only quick solution in that case is to make a copy of the assignment and take away the group submission setting. The student(s) will then have to resubmit.

The longer solution is to go through the process of creating groups in the course (See instructions in Finnish or English) and perhaps combine those groups into a grouping (if there will be more group tasks in the course with different sets of groups). Divide the students over those groups either manually, or by allowing the students to choose their group themselves with the help of a Group Choice activity. Once all students are in their respective group, the Moodle assignment’s group submission will work properly.