Moodlesähköpostiasiat / Moodle email issues

Moodle-oppimisalusta lähettää ilmoituksia ja erilaisia viestejä käyttäjien sähköpostiin, esim. tehtäväilmoituksia ja kopioita keskusteluviesteistä (sillä edellytyksellä että olet tilannut keskusteluviestit). Ongelmana on se, että kaikki sähköpostijärjestelmät eivät käsittele Moodle-viestejä samalla tavalla. Jotta Moodlen lähettämät viestit kulkisivat paremmin, eOppimispalveluissa on päätetty asettaa kaikkien LUC- ja Lappia– käyttäjien sähköpostiosoitteeksi oppilaitoksen sähköposti (käyttäjät voivat asettaa vaihtoehtoisen, henkilökohtaisemman sähköpostiosoitteen Viestit-asetuksissa. Ohjevideo: Lisäksi 29. marraskuuta kaikki Moodlen lähettämät sähköpostit tulevat osoitteesta Tämän pitäisi parantaa Moodle-viestien vastaanottamista ulkoisiin sähköpostijärjestelmiin, mutta se tekee mahdottomaksi Moodle-viesteihin vastaamisen oman sähköpostin kautta. Jos sinulla on halua/tarvetta vastata Moodle-viestiin, sinun täytyy tehdä se Moodlen kautta. Noreply-muutos on auttomaattisesti, et tarvitse tehdä mitään


The Moodle learning environment sends out notifications and diverse messages to the email of the users, examples are assignment notifications and copies of forum messages (provided you are subscribed to the discussion forum or thread in question). The problem is that not all email inboxes in use will treat the messages from Moodle equally. To improve the proper delivery of messages sent out by Moodle, the eLearning Services have decided to set the email of all LUC and Lappia-authenticated users to their school email (although users can opt to set an alternative email address in their Messaging settings. Instruction video: Furthermore, as of  29 November, all outgoing email from Moodle will have as sender. This should improve acceptance of Moodle messages by external email inboxes, but it will make it impossible to reply to Moodle messages via your email, i.e. if you want/need to reply to a message from Moodle, you will have to go to Moodle to do so. The noreply change will be automatic, so you do not have to do anything.

Moodle 3 features, part 7 Group Self-selection

Lapinkampus Moodle already featured the Group Choice module, which allowed teachers to present students with a set of pre-determined groups (gathered in a grouping), among which the students could choose. This was quite useful as it liberated the teachers from the time consuming task of group member division. The set up could be effectively used to make access to group tasks dependent on a group choice. However, it was not possible to allow students to create their own groups and limit membership to peers that they have selected themselves.

This is where the new Group Self-selection plugin comes in. All the teacher needs to to for this activity module is to create and select a grouping for the groups created by the students. The teacher can furthemore determine how many students must be in a group (minimum) and how many can be in a group (maximum) and set opening and closing dates for group creation. Finally there are settings specifying what students are allowed to do in the module.

The additional functionality of the Group Self-selection module makes it a candidate to replace the Group Choice module in the long run.

group self-selection student view